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September 28, 2020
These Colleges Are Winning the Fight Against COVID-19—at Least for Now
Michael Vasquez, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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The reopening of American higher education this fall has been disastrous for universities that blundered into the semester with fantastical schemes and unrealistic expectations of students—a tale of one institution after another slamming into a COVID-shaped iceberg.

But the news is not entirely hopeless. There are institutions that—through a combination of good planning and good fortune—have managed to control their COVID-19 case numbers, holding positivity rates below 1 percent.

Combating Food Insecurity Among Non-Traditional Students
The EvoLLLution
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Stories about college hunger are on the rise—and the pandemic has only worsened the problem for many of today's students. Reduced lunch programs are offered for students K-12 but there’s little assistance provided for students beyond that. 

In this interview, Maria Beam of Oakland University discusses the diverse experiences of students with food insecurity, how colleges and universities should help, and why a permanent funding system can assist those in need.

Colleges Are Hiring Their Own Students as Covid-19 Safety Influencers
Ezra Marcus, The New York Times
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Around the country, colleges have enlisted students to help share coronavirus safety messaging on official school channels. The University of Missouri is going a step further. Over the summer, it hired six of its own students to serve as social media influencers, sharing content written by the university about coronavirus on their personal accounts.

Other schools are ramping up similar programs as the fall semester begins.

Colleges Have an Ethical Responsibility to Prepare All Students for the World of Work
Nancy Hoffman, The Hechinger Report
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Many people make enormous sacrifices to go to community and four-year colleges, too often with blind faith that a college degree will deliver stable work, a satisfying career, and a salary that can repay college debt. Yet, some colleges still treat the degree as the end point, rather than viewing it as a credential that will land students a good first job, writes Nancy Hoffman of Jobs for the Future in this opinion piece. 

Hoffman calls for a radical reimainging of career services to prepare students, especially those attending community colleges, for life beyond graduation.

Some College Students Didn't Show Up Amid COVID-19, Recession—Especially at Community College
Lindsay Schnell, USA Today
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The COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic collapse radically changed the image of college for Hannah Hyatt, 18. Instead of beginning her freshman year at Clemson University, Hyatt is 250 miles away in Charleston, South Carolina, working as a nanny after deferring her enrollment. 

She’s far from the only one. College enrollment is down across the country, sometimes at eye-popping rates. Community colleges, in particular, are experiencing the biggest drop.

A Supreme Court Shift to the Right
Kery Murakami, Inside Higher Ed
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Amy Coney Barrett, if confirmed to the Supreme Court, may have a sweeping impact on colleges and universities.

At a time when the nation is confronting racial inequity, Barrett’s appointment could mean a shift to a more conservative court, which might narrow or end the consideration of race in admitting particularly Black and Latinx students to college.

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Matt Zalaznick, University Business Magazine
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Ravi Kumar S. and Steve George, World Economic Forum
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Michelle Ma, The Wall Street Journal
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Dynahlee Padilla, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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Wesley Whistle and Emily Bouck West, The Hill 
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