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September 8, 2017
Building Early College Pathways to STEM Careers
Joel Vargas, Jobs for the Future
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In Bridgeport, Connecticut, education and workforce development leaders are developing STEM-focused early college pathways as a way to better prepare future graduates for regional industries—advanced manufacturing and health care—in need of more highly skilled workers.

A new brief from Jobs for the Future describes the implementation of this initiative and its potential to change the life trajectories of young people in a city where so many have struggled to make ends meet.

Report: Part-Time Students Overlooked
Ashley A. Smith, Inside Higher Ed
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A new report reveals that part-time students are often overlooked by colleges, policy makers and researchers who are looking to increase national college attainment. About two-thirds of part-time students are age 24 or older, and they are more likely to support themselves financially or have children or other dependents. Three-quarters of part-time students are employed, and 42 percent of them work full-time, the study says.

For Students Imperiled by Trump’s DACA Rollback, a Scramble for Answers
Katherine Mangan, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Earlier this week, Jose Guillermo Rivas was immersed in the first day of his internship when the Trump administration announced plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 

For Rivas, the news could crush his dream of becoming a high-school guidance counselor and, along with hundreds of thousands of other so-called Dreamers, lead to the very real possibility of deportation. 
From Anger to Action for Dreamers
Patricia McGuire, Inside Higher Ed
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This is a moment when higher education leaders must be advocates and activists to affirm some of the most fundamental values of our national commitment to equity and justice for all people, writes Patricia McGuire in this essay. 

Blog: DACA Rescission "a Terrible Blow" to Underrepresented Students
Carrie Warick, National College Access Network
Blog: Rise Up and Dream
Faye Washington, The Huffington Post
Video: The Part-Time Student Challenge
Marcella Bombardieri, Mark Hatton, and Andrew Satter, Center for American Progress
New Report Brings Facts to Light On Minority Serving Institutions
Gia Savage, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Who Benefits From the Expansion of A.P. Classes?
Alina Tugend, The New York Times
In Gig Economy, It Takes More Than Grit to Get Ahead
Dewayne Matthews, Lumina Foundation
Blog: Build Your Employer Work + Learn Portfolio Like Your Stock Portfolio
Parminder K. Jassal and Holly Zanville, Institute for the Future
Finishing the Last Lap: Experimental Evidence On Strategies to Increase College Completion for Students at Risk of Late Departure
Harvard Graduate School of Education, University of Virginia, Stanford University School of Education and NBER