Outcomes: To reach the big goal, the nation must produce three critical outcomes by 2025: Preparation, Success and Productivity.

Lumina’s Outcomes and Strategies

To reach the big goal, the nation must produce three critical outcomes by 2025. For each critical outcome, Lumina has identified several intermediate outcomes that are necessary preconditions. The critical outcomes are described in detail below, but for the sake of simplicity Lumina refers to them as:

Critical Outcome 1: Preparation Students are prepared academically, financially and socially
for success in education beyond high school. »

Critical Outcome 2: Success Higher education attainment rates are improved significantly. »

Critical Outcome 3: Productivity Higher education productivity is increased to expand
capacity and serve more students. »

Lumina’s commitment to the big goal requires a relentless focus on the critical outcomes, but flexibility and adaptability regarding strategies. The Foundation has identified examples of work it believes will advance its strategies for reaching each critical outcome. While not a comprehensive list, these examples illustrate the Foundation’s current thinking. It is important to note that we will not invest equally in all of the outcomes. The actual work and level of investment will continue to be influenced by new information and changing circumstances. Details and illustrations of the critical outcomes, intermediate outcomes and examples of strategic work are provided in the next section.

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