Unintended Consequences

“How Did We Get Here: Growth of Federal Student Loans” follows the expansion of the federal student loan program throughout the years, from its origins in helping middle-income students afford a college education to an eventual rise in student loan borrowing. This 15-minute film chronicles:

  • The rise in loan volume
  • The impact of budgetary and accountability factors on the loan program
  • The development of repayment options that provide tools for students to manage loan debt
RUNTIME: 15:16
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Current perceptions of college affordability, student aid, and student debt are, to a great extent, outgrowths of the financial crisis of 2008 and the ensuing recession. Take a look at The College Board's most recent report about trends in student aid.

chapter 1
1. Growth of Federal Student Loans
chapter 2
2. Partnering with Campuses and States
chapter 3
3. Building Blocks of Student-Based Aid
chapter 4
4. How the Federal Government Distributes Aid to Students
chapter 5
5. Student Aid Through Tax Benefits
chapter 6
6. Evolution of Student Loan Repayment