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Study Shows the Benefits of Walmart Education Effort

Retail Giant’s ‘Live Better U’ Program Is Proving Its Value

Sept. 14, 2021
This study shows how Walmart's Live Better U employee education initiative improves outcomes for associates and for Walmart. The report focuses on measurable impact for participating associates and includes disaggregated outcomes by race and ethnicity, showing how Walmart’s employees of color use and benefit from the program alongside white colleagues. This analysis focuses specifically on…
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Cover of Focus magazine depicts Ali Hassan of Wegmen's work scholarship program at work in a grocery store environment.
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Focus Magazine, Spring 2018: Investing wisely

Exemplary employers reap real returns by developing workers’ talent

April 10, 2018
This issue of Focus magazine puts the spotlight on three companies that fully embrace the task of boosting employees’ talent—and it does so from the perspective of the workers themselves.
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Go Get Your Future

Opportunities to improve your education on your personal time through Lifelong Learning

April 21, 2016
Walmart offers its employees numerous opportunities to improve their education through the Lifelong Learning program.
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