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Facing What Ails Us Ahead

Public Consensus on a New Direction for Higher Education

July 11, 2022
Once viewed as a sound investment in a better life, many Americans now see higher education as an expensive gamble. Declining enrollments and eroding public and institutional support are plaguing our nation’s postsecondary institutions right now, and the public is continuing to lose faith that a college education is worth the money and time or…
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America’s Hidden Common Ground on Public Higher Education

What’s Wrong and How to Fix It

July 7, 2022
Americans think higher education can help people economically, particularly in their home states, according to this Public Agenda/USA TODAY Hidden Common Ground report. But by a variety of measures, Americans question whether the benefits of college are worth the cost. Young people without degrees are especially skeptical.
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Are We There Yet?

A Communications Evaluation Guide

Dec. 3, 2008
Communications plans for philanthropies that support higher education often begin with news releases and end with the annual report. But simply creating content doesn’t guarantee your work will meet your organization’s needs.
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Words that Work

Communications Messaging for Community Benefits Agreements

Dec. 11, 2007
Community Benefits Agreements are a powerful new tool being used by organizations working for economic justice.
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