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Grants by Strategy: Quality Assurance


State Higher Education Executive Officers

GRANT #10229
AMOUNT $252,700
LOCATION Boulder, Colo.
DATE RANGE 11/15/2017 through 11/15/2018

To learn how states are working together with other sectors (federal government, accrediting organizations, institutions, and systems) to define, measure, report on, and hold institutions accountable for quality and student outcomes.

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Association of Community College Trustees

GRANT #10302
AMOUNT $85,000
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 09/01/2017 through 03/30/2018

To educate and engage community college trustees in discussions about current and proposed new quality assurance and institutional improvement processes.

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Institute for College Access and Success

GRANT #10121
AMOUNT $550,000
LOCATION Oakland, Calif.
DATE RANGE 05/01/2017 through 02/28/2019

To equitably increase postsecondary access and success by informing the development of federal quality measures and developing solutions that address student loan challenges facing returning adults.

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