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On the Same Page?

Administrator and Faculty Views on What Shapes College Learning and Student Success

Feb. 15, 2022
A report from the American of Association Colleges and Universities examines how undergraduate learning and student success are shaped by an institution’s common learning outcomes and commitment to equity, as well as by specific educational experiences and assessment practices.
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Re-Imagining Outcomes-Based Funding

Using Metrics to Foster Higher Education Equity

March 31, 2021
One set of policy decisions that higher education advocates are calling into question is how state leaders allocate resources and funds. A new report by The Education Trust analyzes how well existing state policies address equity concerns and makes recommendations for designing and implementing outcomes-based funding (OBF) policies that better advance equity.
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The $78 Billion Community College Funding Shortfall

Revenue sources examined

Oct. 7, 2020
A report from the Center for American Progress offers a closer look at the revenue gaps between community colleges and public four-year institutions. The study, which reveals significant inequities, underscores the need for reform.
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How Outcomes Metrics Can Better Reflect Community College Performance
Oct. 8, 2019
In the U.S. higher education system, community colleges are heavy lifters: while they make up only about a quarter of the nation’s postsecondary institutions, they serve nearly half of all undergraduate students. But when it comes to evaluating the performance of two-year institutions, traditional outcomes metrics can provide an incomplete picture, failing to account for…
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The Rise of Performance-Based Funding

How Colleges Are Adapting in the New Age of Accountability

May 7, 2019
Giving more state money to public colleges that perform well on a number of desired outcomes, such as credit completion or graduation rates and retention rewards colleges with strong results.
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A Case Study of Performance Funding in Higher Education

Lessons Learned

Oct. 29, 2018
As this report describes, there is plenty of evidence that points to both the benefits and drawbacks of performance funding policies. This evidence is being used to put forth a number of recommendations to improve the design and function of performance funding at the state level. And many of the recommendations put forth are also…
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Outcomes-Based Funding Strategies for Postsecondary Education

An Inspiring Story from Indiana

March 6, 2018
This brief tells the story of Indiana’s efforts to develop and implement outcomes-based funding (OBF) for public postsecondary education. Indiana’s story is supplemented by a briefer description of efforts in Tennessee.
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Taking Stock of Outcomes-Based Funding

Policy Snapshot

Oct. 2, 2017
Concerned with low on-time graduation rates, some state lawmakers are turning to outcomes-based funding as one policy approach to support postsecondary degree attainment and workforce goals.
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Connecting State and Institutional Finance Policies for Improved Higher Education Outcomes
July 13, 2016
This paper provides a conceptual framework that examines the interrelationship between state and institutional finance policies, including state appropriations, tuition and financial aid. It explores how state higher education goals can be advanced through outcomes-based funding policies that provide incentives for institutional behavior, and how policies can be designed to maximize student success.
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Aligning Student and Institution Incentives in Higher Education Finance
July 13, 2016
Higher education, depending who you talk to, is a generator and transmitter of knowledge, a provider of opportunity and social mobility, a trainer of skilled workers for employers, a driver of economic development or any or all of the above. But alongside its lofty goals, it is also a big, complex $600 billion business that…
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