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Let’s focus on quality and equity in higher education for incarcerated students

Sep 12, 2019

In a town marked by partisan gridlock, criminal justice reform conversations in Washington have surprisingly moved beyond those frequent stalemates. Yes, challenges and disagreements endure, but access to higher education for people in prison has gained new levels of attention and support. The boost in momentum has catapulted issues like restoring Pell grant access into policy conversations in a way that it arguably hasn’t been before.

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Urban League's Marc Morial: Good jobs critical in erasing effects of discrimination

Sep 09, 2019

To help people learn the skills they need to get better jobs and move up the economic ladder, community-based workforce providers are as important as community colleges and four-year colleges.

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Lumina grants bring new urgency to boosting success among students of color

July 22, 2019

Lumina Foundation has selected seven states to receive short-term grants of up to $50,000 to advance equity-minded leadership aimed at increasing post-high school learning among students of color.

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Equity and excellence – Quality matters in prison higher education

June 04, 2019

Incarcerated people need access to quality higher education just as much as traditional students, so higher education in prison should meet the same standards as programs outside the walls.

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Real justice demands a second chance — for education

April 19, 2019

April is National Second Chance Month, a month dedicated to centering the voices, experiences, and promise of people affected by the criminal justice system. It’s a time to unify around the principles of justice, fairness, and redemption. More importantly, it’s a time to recognize how society’s systems and institutions, including those in higher education, have contributed to the lack of first chances for far too many.

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It’s not just for them: Why prison education matters

March 25, 2019

One of our goals at Lumina is to make sure everyone has access to the education they need to get on a path to employment and lead a thriving life. That’s why Lumina’s work includes postsecondary education both inside prison and during re-entry efforts.

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Equity: Everything and the kitchen sink

March 08, 2019

Equity seems to be the “it” term of the day when it comes to student success and college completion.

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Nothing grows without investment – Building fairness in education

Jan 20, 2019

Dr. Andre Perry, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, studies race and structural inequality, education, and economic inclusion, and he says it’s not talent that prevents black communities from thriving. It’s inequity.

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There’s progress in closing the education gaps between races

Aug 27, 2018

In America, your address determines your opportunity — especially if you’re a person of color. Quality schools, job training, and higher education institutions tend to be clustered away from communities of color.

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