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Pell Grants cover a dwindling share of college costs as students borrow more

Nov 19, 2019

Even as more students enroll in college and earn degrees, inequalities in U.S. higher education opportunity are increasing.

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Most companies now offer tuition assistance for employees – but are they doing it right?

Nov 18, 2019

Each year, U.S. companies spend billions of dollars supporting college education for their employees. By better designing the programs that direct those dollars—not necessarily spending more—employers can significantly improve the talent within their own ranks, contribute to their communities, and help meet the nation’s talent goals.

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How Virginia joined the short list of “Talent, Innovation, and Equity” states leading the way in education and jobs progress

Nov 13, 2019

Two years after white supremacists marched in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, state leaders remain determined to show their commitment to inclusion. The latest sign of that mood could be the state's entry into Lumina Foundation’s growing partnership of leaders working to increase the number of people with college degrees and other credentials beyond high school.

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Lumina Foundation awards $500,000 grant to Virginia to close gaps in educational attainment

Nov 13, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS – Virginia today joins Colorado, Oregon, and Tennessee in receiving a Lumina Foundation grant to increase educational attainment for students of color. Lumina awards grants to states to help eliminate educational disparities between the overall population and their Black, Latino, and Native American residents.

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College accreditation rule leaves work yet to do

Nov 07, 2019

The federal government’s long-awaited final new regulations for accrediting postsecondary institutions are out — and the results are mixed. We see some encouraging steps forward, but also some troubling oversights. In short, there is still plenty of work to do.

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We’re short of skilled workers – so train more of them instead of relying on tax breaks for development

Nov 06, 2019

Instead of spending $50 billion on tax incentives to lure businesses to their communities, state and local governments would be better off allocating at least half of that money for job training.

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Lumina Stays Focused On Attainment: A Q&A With CEO Jamie Merisotis

Nov 04, 2019

Lumina Foundation is nearing the close of two decades of higher education policy work. From the outset its agenda has focused on increasing the percentage of American adults with high-quality degrees and other credentials to 60% by 2025 and advocating for higher education to become more equitable, accessible and accountable.

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The time is right to ensure that all quality learning counts

Oct 31, 2019

People who want to learn but can’t afford or get access to education and training after high school should be helped with high-quality programs that result in degrees, certificates and other credentials. As always, though, the question is, how do we ensure that new programs live up to their promise of offering pathways to new and better careers?

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College closures are a tough — but needed — step to serving students better

Oct 28, 2019

Colleges and universities, caught in a crossfire of rising costs and increasing impatience from families and funders, face an ongoing onslaught of tough choices in the next few years.

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