A rendering of the proposed Bottleworks building as proposed in the IHPC hearing.
Lumina News

Lumina Foundation inks deal to anchor new office building in the Bottleworks district

Lumina Foundation will become an anchor tenant of the Bottleworks District’s new office building at 820 Massachusetts Ave. The developer, Beloit, Wisconsin-based Hendricks Commercial Properties, expects to break ground next spring or early summer, with the office building opening by mid-2024. Lumina will occupy 23,700 square feet of the top floor of the five-story building, with access…
Wayne Taliaferro

Wayne Taliaferro

Wayne Taliaferro is a strategy officer at Lumina Foundation, an independent, private foundation in Indianapolis that is committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all. In that role, he works to support the creation of a system in which student success and equitable outcomes are scaled up significantly, particularly at community colleges as the start of a success trajectory.

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Federal Policy

When it comes to student borrowers of color, policymakers should explore the shades of gray

The last recession consumed the modest wealth of Black and Hispanic communities, further deepening racial wealth divides and burdening college students from these communities with higher loan debt. Today, the United States is experiencing another severe economic downturn, with record-high unemployment fueled by a pandemic—and it’s affecting college affordability even more dramatically.
Prison Education

Let’s focus on quality and equity in higher education for incarcerated students

In a town marked by partisan gridlock, criminal justice reform conversations in Washington have surprisingly moved beyond those frequent stalemates. Yes, challenges and disagreements endure, but access to higher education for people in prison has gained new levels of attention and support. The boost in momentum has catapulted issues like restoring Pell grant access into…
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