Climate activists at the COP21 UN climate summit in Paris, France, stage a protest calling for

As the U.N. climate conference nears, more universities must join this ‘best last chance’ to curb global warming

Expect expansive coverage of the U.N. climate conference (COP26) in the coming days, even though the real news is decades old. The reality of global climate change is all around us, yet many national governments and big polluters lack the courage, the will—sometimes even the desire—to curb greenhouse emissions. Colleges and universities have an essential…
Katherine Wheatle

Katherine Wheatle

Katherine Wheatle, Ph.D. is the strategy officer for federal policy and equity at Lumina Foundation, an independent, private foundation in Indianapolis that is committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all. Based in Lumina’s office in Washington, D.C., Wheatle supports the development and advancement of the foundation’s federal policy priorities to increase education attainment and affordability.

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Federal Policy

When it comes to student borrowers of color, policymakers should explore the shades of gray

The last recession consumed the modest wealth of Black and Hispanic communities, further deepening racial wealth divides and burdening college students from these communities with higher loan debt. Today, the United States is experiencing another severe economic downturn, with record-high unemployment fueled by a pandemic—and it’s affecting college affordability even more dramatically.
Federal Policy

Honor the treaties: Deliver on promises to educate Native Americans

In an interview with Amanda R. Tachine, assistant professor of higher education at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University, and Jameson David “J.D.” Lopez, assistant professor of educational policy studies and practice at the College of Education, University of Arizona, I discussed the importance of Native American voices in policy dialogues about affordability…
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